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Zumba Video: Total Body Transformation System Is Indeed Sensational

I really can’t remember the last time I have had this much excitement. I’m so incredibly impressed by the Zumba video workout.

I wasn’t really to interested in Zumba when I first learned about it from Youtube, but that was only because it wasn’t originally what I was looking for.

You must understand, I have no Latin background, and never really heard much Latin American music before this, but liked it.

If I’d listen to latin music, I’d unconsciously move my hips, shake a leg, or do anything, but wouldn’t dare do something different dance moves. Latin dancers are serious about their dancing, & I dare not even talk about salsa, samba & meringue.

Thus, the Zumba Fitness Training video programme begins by teaching the basic beats. I learned the moves with my kids, but they didn’t have the patience to teach them all the first time. This is why I had to jump to the first section & part dance beat, but after a couple of times, we came back to learn the simple steps. & not all been easy.

So bottom line is that you’ll go through all kinds of Latin dance styles, & believe me, will you master them all if you train hard! Even skating reggae-ton.

Joking aside, this step isn’t so hard when you break them down, as it’s intended to be & learned properly.

You will begin training with Beto, the creator of the Zumba video, as soon as you’ve mastered the basic steps. This is the next part of the Zumba video. Oh, once that starts, it gets more interesting .. . Ha, ha, ha, you must use the steps, & won’t be able to stop dancing. Your legs & entire body will be dancing on his own .. .

I love Beto’s comments on a # of movements, such as the window clean, “bootie circle”, “sexy march”, & much more. You can tell that Beto really enjoys what he’s doing as he’s extremely charismatic and very funny. He definitely takes what he’s doing seriously and makes it look so easy.

I recommend you read the Zumba reviews & watching videos, but more than anything, I encourage you to start exercising, as this programme will give you much more than just an exercise. This gives you a great dance moves, & also helps you digest the extra pounds.

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