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What to eat on Super Bowl Sunday

It is Super Bowl time again this weekend and people in training always want to know what to eat on Super Bowl Sunday.  If you are having or are going to a football party then I am sure that you are aware that the snacks you usually find are loaded with calories.  I am not going to give you a bunch of recipes for boring healthy snacks that no one will eat.  I am not even going to suggest that you try not to eat them.  What fun is that?  And besides, you know you are going to eat all of those chips and dips and wash them down with a few beers.

What To Eat Super Bowl Sunday

But you see, this is an advantage.  It is like the GI Joe slogan “Knowing is half the battle!”  So, if you know you dont have the will power to abstain from gorging yourself on nachos and hot dogs, then why not prepare yourself for such a giant calorie intake?

Let’s take a different approach than what everyone else will tell you.  We have talked about before that caloric intake is what drives the gain or loss of fat.  Too many calories and you gain fat and too few and you lose fat.  Most of us are trying to get more lean and so try to create a deficit in calorie consumption in order to burn fat off of our frame.  I have said before, that you shouldn’t worry too much about  minute to minute consumption but more like weekly and monthly consumption.  This is really the time frame that affects you (unless you are less than 8% body fat- then each meal can show up within hours).

So if you know that you are going to eat a bunch this sunday watching your teams vie for the Super Bowl Championship then prepare yourself a few days before and a few days after to even out the weekly intake.  So perhaps you eat less at every meal this week and next.  Or maybe you skip lunch all week.  Maybe you go for salads at every meal.  There are several choices available to you for cutting out calories…. maybe you do a mixture of the options.

By doing this, you weekly consumption of calories will balance out.   You can allow yourself this wonderful treat because you already have created a deficit!  So now you can enjoy the festivities and not wonder what to eat on Super Bowl Sunday.

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