Gain Muscle, Not Fat

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Cardio Training

The Right Kind Of Cardio Training

Circuit training, heavy weight workout routines, body weight exercises, high intensity cardio and other intense workouts are great to efficiently promote the gain of muscle and set up your body to effectively burn fat.  These are not the right kind of cardio training workouts to actually burn fat.

Sure, these forms of exercises only get your body into burning mode- but they are not the most effective for actually burning off the calories.

What happens when you do this type of Cardio training program is the body releases fatty acids into the blood stream.  However, if you don’t use up the fuel… then they get deposited back into the fat cells.

So you can see, even though you are setting up the body to reduce fat, if you don’t actually burn the fatty acid, then you don’t achieve your goal in the most time effective way.

The Right Kind Of Cardio Training

Thus, after doing your weight training you must strategically add in 15-30 minute cardio workouts.  You should not exceed this time range in your cardio training weight loss routine because your body will cease to burn the fatty acid for fuel as effectively, and you will be working against your efforts to gain muscle, not fat.

Target a heart rate that is appropriate for aerobic exercise.  Aerobic capacity differs for everyone’s fitness abilities so your cardiovascular training level may be different than your friends.  A good reference is that you should be able to hold a conversation, but is rather uncomfortable.  This is the right kind of cardio exercise.

So the right kind of cardio exercises are ones that you can keep a constant pace at a moderate level for a certain amount of time- usually 20-30 minutes.  Training cardio at your target heart rate after high intensity training will expedite your weight loss.  You will be burning additional calories, but more importantly, you will be burning fat calories!