Gain Muscle, Not Fat

Proven Methods To Get A Body like A Fitness Model

Six Pack Abs

Shrink Wrap Your Skin For Six Pack Abs

So, after you have been building muscle for a while and have dropped down your body fat percentage, you may want to take some efforts to achieve maximum definition and shrink wrap your skin around your abdominal muscles for six pack abs fast.

There are many reasons that you may want to lose belly fat to get ripped six pack abs.  Perhaps you are going to a high school reunion, or a beach vacation, or just a pool party and you want to lose weight so that you show up looking your best.

Well, if you crave ultimate definition, you will have to shrink wrap your skin around your muscles.

Six Pack Abs

In fact, you don’t even have to be at your most lean and you can still increase your definition.  And here is the secret:

Reduce body fat and then build muscle mass.

Yep, pretty simple right?

The key is to increase your muscle building by increasing the intensity of your workout program about 3-4 weeks prior to the event.  This has the effect of building mass under your skin and makes it looked shrink wrapped.

Follow the link if you want to know how to shrink wrap your skin for six pack abs by using this advanced strategy of gaining muscle to get a body like a fitness model.

Healthy eating and exercise will help you to lose your belly.  But keep in mind that you can not spot reduce fat with ab exercises.  And guess what?  Most of those crazy ab exercise machines that you see on TV in the info-mercials simply don’t get you the all so coveted six pack abs.

In fact, you really don’t want to make your abs bigger but rather more dense lean muscle mass.  Because if you make bigger abs, then they just lay there below the belly fat and the bottom line truth is they actually make your stomach look bigger!  Wouldn’t you rather a flat stomach?

flat stomach

Here’s some revolutionary workout suggestions:
Focus on a healthy eating six pack abs diet and follow your workout program step-by-step to build lean muscle mass.  Do a limited number of abdominal muscle exercises (and don’t forget your lower abs).  You should only do enough to make create a firm flat stomach- not build bulk and muscle mass right where you want to look thinner.