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Secret To Building Muscle

What is the secret to building muscle mass?  Ah, this is the question many want to know to answer to.  Everyone is looking for that special muscle building diet, or a supplement that adds to building muscle strength.  Secret formula protein drinks or weight training workout routines with special twists on the exercises for fast mass building.  Well, there are some “secrets” if you will but they are not James Bond super spy secrets that are oh so glamorous.

secret to building muscle
Here, I will tell you the secret to building muscle in a few fitness tips.  Don’t expect the heavens to open and shower down twinkling pixy dust at your revelation.  This is down and dirty and the truth about muscle building.

1.  Keep your weight training workouts short.

There is no need to spend 3 hours in the gym every day.  In fact, for the average joe, 45 minutes to an hour about 4 times a week is all you need.  You will be over training otherwise and that is counter productive to your muscle gain goals.

You should keep it short because in about an hour of no nonsense muscle training you will deplete your testosterone level and that is when the cortisol kicks in. Cortisol is a hormone that promotes muscle decay and fat storage…the opposite of what you want.  And, I am sure you already understand that testosterone helps to build muscle.

2.  Do less cardio training.

It is good to do some cardio training.  It helps with the intake and processing of oxygen and strengthens your heart, but too much can work against you when you are trying to gain muscle.  Think about a marathon runner.  They focus on cardio training, but is that the body type you want?  Not really if you are trying to build muscle, so keep your session to about 20-30 max and only two times a week max.

In fact, if you want to do more fat burning with your cardio, then you should try to do high intensity interval training for a few minutes prior to your cardio routine.  For more info on this you can refer to the post on how interval training works.

3.  Stick to your plan for best muscle gains.

This is pretty obvious, but one fitness tip we don’t consider often enough.  Find a time of day that you can religiously train.  Often the morning before work is the best because as the day goes on and fires pop up you cant always find your way to the gym at the end of the day.  Also, working out in the morning sets up your body for burning fat all day long.

4.  Track your body measurements and your weight lifting stats.

Record everything!  Start out by taking body measurements.  Then every month take new measurements and see where you have gained size.  Is it your shoulders and chest?  Great!  is it your waist?  Oops better eat fewer calories.

You should always aim at improving muscle strength, so every time you workout shoot for one extra rep or add just a couple of pounds to the bench press bar.  This will keep you from a barrier in gains.  But to do this you must track your previous sessions workout reps and sets and weight.

Pretty simple right?  I told you that it wasn’t glamorous.  But if you understand and practice these four tips, you will know the secret to building muscle.