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Reverse crunches are one of the very best exercises that you can do, especially for your lower abdominal muscles. Lots of people do the regular crunches that you’re already familiar with and those are fine but they don’t usually get you the results that you really want. Reverse crunches can be beneficial for any workout routine that you do. A typical crunch keeps your knees on the floor, the reverse crunch requires you to keep your hands behind your head while you keep your knees bent and raised off the ground. The idea is to bring your head and knees as close together as you can without straining with each crunch. Your abdominal area needs to feel pressure. If you want to do ab workouts that are very effective and are up for a challenge, you should do the Captain’s Chair exercise. This requires a simple piece of equipment that most gyms have, and you can also purchase a home version. Hold on to the handles, keep your back straight against the support for the back and, while keeping your knees bent, bring them up to your chest. Begin with the basic lift even though there are lots of other options that involve raising your knees at different angles. Many fitness experts consider this to be one of the top exercises for your abs that you can do.

You can spend plenty of hours perusing ab machines online, in infomercials, magazine ads and are curious about which ones are the most effective. It can probably help if you peruse consumer reviews and research articles like the kind you are reading right now. But, you should also look at each machine and find one that looks appealing to you. The most important aspect of any fitness program is the amount of times that you use it. It makes things even better when you find a kind of exercise that you like doing or can stand to do. In this article we will explore some of the features on some of the more popular ab machines available.

If you use an ab chair, you can simply recline up and down and improve the definition of your abdominal muscles. This type of machine takes the concept of sit-ups, the most basic ab exercise of all, and lets you make larger movements with more resistance, increasing their effectiveness. Quite a few ab machines are varieties of ab chair, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one in your area or online. While you can pay several hundred dollars for some ab machines, you should be able to find an ab chair for one hundred or even cheaper. Ab chairs are a good investment if you want a tried and true method for conditioning your ab muscles.

One frequently advertised ab machine that you may know about is the Ab Rocker. It works out both the lower and upper abdominal muscles. This machine is adjustable, convenient and simple to use. This machine allows you to choose between three levels of difficulty, so you can get build up your strength by using it regularly. The rocking back and forth motion is helpful not only for your abs, but your lower back and stomach muscles. It only takes around five minutes to do a complete workout on the Ab Rocker, and you’d have to spend a lot longer doing sit-ups or crunches to get comparable results.

Crazy Abs is one of the newest ab machines that is available. Already there are tons of people who like it. In a way, the name of this machine doesn’t do it justice, as it doesn’t only work your abs. You can also do an lower and upper body workout with this machine. Just like with other machines like this, you can do a raise your knee exercise to work on your abs. But with this machine there are chin ups to exercise your upper body and leg raises for your lower body. So for the amount of $150, the machine will give you a complete workout. However, most of the models in competition only focus on your abs. Even though ab machines are great tools to improve fitness and build up your abs, but understand that they must be used on a constant basis in order to see good results. You also have to watch what you eat if you’re trying to lose weight. Exercise alone will not get this done. Ab machines like the ones we have examined can become a good part of your overall exercise program.

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