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Reduce Body Fat

Proper Diet To Reduce Body Fat Percentage

The number one thing to consider in order to reduce body fat percentage is to be sure to consume fewer calories than the amount you burn on a daily basis.

There are two ways to reduce body fat:

  1. Eat fewer calories than your body burns during the course of a day.
  2. Burn more calories than you ingest.

These two things are sort of the same, but they approach from two different angles.  One is diet and the other is activity.  When it comes to losing fat, diet is MUCH easier and less time consuming to reduce bodyfat than activity.

Diet To Reduce Body Fat Percentage

You can forget about healthy food choices and serving size for the time being.  It doesn’t really matter what food ingredients are in your diet.  The only thing you have to really consider when it comes to lower body fat and weight management is the effects of the calories consumed.

Sure, healthy food, is… well… healthier for your body.  Things like sodium, cholesterol, etc. certainly have a percentage of value, or harm, to your health.  But they have little to no affect on your percentage of body fat.

As long as you concentrate on building muscle mass and the right kind of cardio training, you will burn calories and fatty acid.  This combined with a thoughtful amount of calorie intake should help you to lose weight- or rather reduce body fat.

In order to keep track of your success, you need to know where you are presently in relationship to your next stage of development.  So, a good way to do this is to measure body fat percentage now and then in the future.  Also you might want to use a daily calorie needs calculator to determine approximately how much you should consume.  If you don’t know where you need to be, how can you tell how many calories you need to cut?

There are a number of weight loss diets and diet pills out there that really are doing you more harm than good.  Supplement facts, serving size, even the no fat or low fat products can be very misleading.  Not to mention things like high octane ephedra, acai juice, south beach diet, hoodia, etc. You need a proper diet to reduce body fat percentage.

Fat weight loss needs to be a lifestyle change, not a trendy fad diet.

Ideal body fat percentage has to be something you can get behind and want to make a part of your life.  It is difficult to go about normal daily life and not eat any carbs, or eat small meals six times a day.  I’ve tried it- life just seems to get in the way.  Then you feel bad because you broke your diet.

No, you must find a way to eat like you want, when you want and still be able to reduce body fat.  Basically you want to gain muscle, not fat.

Watch this video in which Brad Pilon offers us some interesting information on fat loss nutrition:

For more information from Brad, visit his site on Intermittent Fasting.

So, What are effects that both Exercise and Fasting have?
•    They both cause a drop in insulin level (a benefit in order to burn fat)
•    Your natural fat loss hormone (HGH) levels increase
•    Fatty Acids are released from your cells and are burned as fuel.
•    Amino acids flush through your muscles, feeding them for growth

The basic plan Brad suggests to reduce body fat percentage is to eat a caloric diet that sufficiently maintains your body processes for five days of the week, and then on the other two days, you do a little micro fast (don’t eat until dinner) and work out just before you have a normal sized dinner.

This creates a calorie deficit rather easily.  And thus helps with fat loss.  It is only one way of changing your lifestyle to reduce fat.  There are many more out there for you to investigate.

When I was a competitive hockey player, I was eating nearly 8000 calories a day,  I had about 6 percent body fat percentage and I couldn’t gain an ounce!  Now of course I was about 15 years younger than I am now and I was training hours upon hours everyday, burning those calories off.  And, no I can’t eat that much now without ballooning!  My point is, if you burn the calories, you will reduce body fat percentage.