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Pushups and Pullups-Bodyweight Exercise Strength Endurance

Pushups and pullups were some of the staple fitness measurements back in grade school gym class, and they still are in today’s military fitness criteria.  It is always inspiring to people when they see some one crank out a few dozen pushups and pullups like they were fanning away a fly.  These types of bodyweight exercises are based on strength endurance and usually focus on upper body strength training, but there are other body weight exercises that also help with lower body and full body development.

pushups and pullups
Like any other weight training technique, pushups and pullups are a trained skill.  The more of them you do, the better you will be at that particular movement.  Your muscles will adapt to perform the tasks you demand of them if you repeat the workout over and over.

I did a lot of pushups when I fist started working out again after a few years of sitting on my butt behind a desk and then parking it in front of the TV when I got home, doing nothing but beer curls.  You see I had completely let myself go so I had to start my training with low impact light weight exercises to get me back in the grove so that I didn’t do too much too fast and get hurt, or be so sore that I didn’t get back into the gym for a few weeks.  This was just my strategy to ramp up until it was worked back into my lifestyle again.

Actually I am fascinated with the military, whether it be combat tactics and strategies or physical fitness and endurance.

So I modeled my initial workouts after military physical fitness training.  Part of that training consisted of doing tons of pushups and pullups.

After just a couple of weeks I went from doing three sets of 20 pushups to five sets of 50  and then ten sets of 50 every day. My goal was 250 in a day and then once I reached it, I moved it up to 500.  It is important to make a goal shoot for it, keep track of progress and then set another one after you reach the first goal.

Did you know Navy SEALs do more than 500 pushups and 100 pullups in the first hour of BUDS training? BUDS is their preliminary training before becoming a SEAL.

If you are interested in a workout that is completely based around the military you might look at  the TACFIT Commando program.  But keep in mind, bodyweight exercises are not the most efficient way to gain muscle.  They do however help with strength basics and endurance.  After doing this type of training you will be the king (or queen ) of pushups and pullups.