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Muscle Confusion- Muscle Building Workout Routines

If you have done much searching online for information on building muscle, I am sure you have come across the idea of muscle confusion.  Essentially the concept is to mix up your exercises regularly in order to avoid the muscles from getting to accustomed to doing one form of work, thereby avoiding any plateaus.

muscle confusion

Perhaps there are a few advantages to this if you have been bodybuilding for many years on a regular basis and are trying to eek out any type of gain possible.  But for the bulk of humanity just trying to build muscle and look fit, this process is pretty much worthless as a primary workout routine plan.

In order to improve at something, you need to do it over and over.  This goes for any activity whether it is doing a bench press or running a 10K or even bowling.  The more you do a task, the better you can do it, and the more your body adapts to that task.  Building muscle is about adapting your body.  Your body adapts to the stress up on it when doing squats by making your leg muscles bigger.  The more you do, the heavier the weight you can lift, the bigger the muscles get.

If you are just beginning then you are certain to see a lot of gain very quickly.  But, to get to the top of your game, it will take years and sometimes ten to twenty years to really maximize your potential.

By implementing muscle confusion, you are only diluting your workout routine.

Your workout should consist of just a few basic exercises for each muscle group.  The training should focus on creating maximum resistance at the point of ultimate contraction of that muscle.  So, for instance, the fully supinated preacher curl with a cable allows the full load to be placed on the biceps when they are fully contracted.  This is what you need for the most efficient muscle gain.

Do the same set of exercises each time you workout in order to track your progress of reps, sets and weight increase.  You should be increasing at least one of these things each time you work the muscle group.  If you don’t do the same routine every time, then how do you know if you are improving?  And by how much?

After you have trained this way for about two months, then you can switch it up a little bit to keep from getting to bored with your workout.  Maybe go to a total body workout three times a week vs. a five day workout that is focused on doing a muscle group per day.

Your workouts dont need to be confusing.  Keep it simple, keep track to see improvements, and dont worry about muscle confusion.