Gain Muscle, Not Fat

Proven Methods To Get A Body like A Fitness Model

Learn the Way to Build Muscle

I have started this site to help you get a sexy body that you can feel good about, attract a guy or gal, be healthier and build muscle the right way!

Muscle building can be done in different ways depending on what your objective is.  Are you looking for chiseled angular muscular tone?  Endurance?  Power?  Speed?  Athleticism?  Or Bulk?

Here will will concentrate primarily on getting fit and developing a sexy chiseled body like the models from GQ or Abercrombie & Fitch.

abercrombie body

This image from Abercrombie & Fitch is a great representation of the body you can get with the proper way to build muscle!

Personally I don’t like the big bulky look that bodybuilders strive for.  So if you are looking for that type of education then you will probably need to search elsewhere.

We will be discussing weight training both conceptually and technically.  Meaning we will talk about the means and methods of workout routines, what is required to build muscle right, as well as specific exercises ranging from body weight training to interval training and of course resistance training.

Here you will find a no nonsense muscle building approach to help build muscle mass fast and to lose body fat percentage to look ripped.

From time to time we will review some of the more interesting workout routines that you can find in the market place.  But for the most part we will discuss very specific topics on the way to build muscle and lose fat for a sexy Hollywood body physique!

There is a lot of mis-information out there about gaining muscle, nutrition, and fitness training.  Here we will dispel some of these myths and learn the proper way to build muscle.

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