Gain Muscle, Not Fat

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How to Grow Muscle Fast- Myths and Facts

Everyone is asking the question “how to grow muscle fast” or “How to get big fast” and any other number of variations of that question. And I see claims on how to gain 20 pounds of muscle in a month running rampant on the internet. And the fact is most of us may never gain 20 pounds of muscle even after lifting weights for decades!

Think about it. If you could really gain muscle at that rate, don’t you think that there would be guys walking around with hundreds of pounds of muscle packed around their skeletal system? Now of course there are chemical induced ways to build more muscle and faster, but lets keep it clean for the bulk of those whom want to grow muscle fast.

Also, if you are a youngster, say under 25, well you may get big fast simply due to the fact that you are still experiencing juvenile muscle growth. So lets take that factor out of the situation too.

Thus we are talking about those people who want to gain muscle quickly but are past juvenile growth and are not using things like steroids to induce growth.  We are talking about building muscle mass in a lean way not adding bulk.

I hear screaming and complaining starting up out there, so lets just calm down for a minute and think about this shall we?

Grow Muscle Fast

Grow Muscle Fast? Lets think about what just 5 lbs of meat looks like.

As little as five pounds of muscle (thats the key word) is quite a bit. Try this experiment: Go to the butcher section of the grocery store and pick up a 5 pound roast. Pretty substantial right? Now think about that in terms of muscle on your chest and shoulders. Thats a lot of meat right? I’d be happy adding just those five pounds!

For me its not just about being bigger. Anyone can eat enough junk to get bigger but the object is to gain muscle, not fat. Sometimes this results in not looking huge with your shirt on, but when you take it off you look photoshopped!

The key to look like you gain muscle quickly is to build it in the right places, focusing on body proportion. So my advice is to shape your body rather than trying to get big fast. So the question you should really be asking is “how to grow muscle fast in the right areas” to make you look bigger and better.