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How To Boost Your Metabolism In Just Three Easy Steps

Are you one of many dieters that often reckon that they won’t lose body fat because they have a slow metabolism?. The bad news is that, many companies capitalize on this misconception by selling products that promise the earth when a lot of these just don’t work.

look there are things you just can’t control about your metabolism, like:

Age: –
Your metabolism slows about 5 percent for each 10 years after you reach forty.

Gender: –
Men usually have a faster metabolism than women – they are larger and have a smaller amount of body fat.

Medical: –
You may have an under active thyroid. If so, then it can be controlled by medication.

Finally your might be on your side and your metabolism might be naturally faster. A good example is Megan Fox – her personal trainer concluded that she has a really fast metabolism because of rumours that she was anorexic (read more here

The great news is that there are simple natural techniques, which will enable you to increase your metabolism.

Step 1: Don’t Starve Your Body

Avoid eating fewer than one thousand calories per day. Your metabolism thrives on food, so if you crash diet, it will slow down. Imagine your metabolism as a fire. It needs a constant supply of nutritious food so it can burn steadily. Too little and it slows down to conserve energy. Too much and the excess energy is stored away as body fat.

Step 2: Eat Regular Meals

four to five regular meals every day. Our bodies increase the energy used when we eat, so more calories are burnt as a result. This is called the thermogenesis. Make sure you eat breakfast because after sleeping at night your metabolism needs to be kick started again.

Step 3: Do Regular Exercise

Try and take some aerobic exercises 4 to 5 days a week. Aerobic activities, such as running, power walking, swimming and bike riding, burn calories and raise metabolism while you are exercising.

Do some strength-training exercise 2 to 3 days a week. Resistance training on a regular basis will actually increase your resting metabolism during the. That’s because these activities increase muscle, and muscle uses more calories than body fat, even if you’re sitting still.

The challenge with losing weight is that it may seem quite overwhelming, considering all the courses out there, it is a problem to know where to turn.

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