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How Can The Right Choice Of Music Let You To Maximize Your Workout Program’s Effectiveness?

Walking has many benefits as an exercise format – and the fact that it requires no special equipment is one of these. However, whilst it isn’t essential, a lot of people will enjoy listening to music while they exercise – whether or not they decide to choose walking as their exercise mode.

As a matter of fact, there have been a number of studies performed on the influence of music on workout efficiency. Just last year, a group of scientists at Liverpool’s John Moores University in the UK conducted a study on the effect of listening to music on workout efficiency.

They used a “workout mix” of songs and varied the tempo to see if this had any impact on the workout effectiveness of a group of 12 male students. They discovered that when the tempo was higher, workout effectiveness was increased – and the subjects also perceived their workout to be more enjoyable. No doubt UK taxpayers will be pleased to learn that their money is being well spent.

If you would like to ramp up the efficiency of your walking workout, there are any number of sources of information available. Nike has a dedicated blog on the subject of workout music. You can find specially selected workout CDs on Amazon – or you can head over to iTunes and find a selection of pre-chosen workout play lists.

Some of these get pretty scientific. You could go for a playlist that kicks off with a relatively low bpm (beats per minute), then gets faster as you warm up and then goes back to a lower bpm during the final stages of your workout so that you can cool down gradually.

At the end of the day, there’s no need to get too scientific or to over analyse the situation (assuming that you’re not a professional athlete or trainee Olympian that is). Whether or not you get the right number of beats per minute correct is pretty irrelevant. As you walk along with your favorite tunes playing in your ears, the time and the miles will pass much more quickly.

If you want to walk a little faster, then you could try something up tempo. Of course, if you would prefer to take it a bit easier and listen to something soothing and relaxing, then that’s great as well. The important thing is to select music that you enjoy and which will make your workout more pleasant for you.

One cautionary note: If you normally walk in urban areas with a high volume of traffic, don’t turn the volume up so high that you can’t hear traffic noise and any aural warnings. Do enjoy your walking workout program- it’s one of the best exercises to lose weight that you can choose.

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