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Herschel Walker Workout Routine

Former NFL player, now MMA fighter, Herschel Walker’s workout routine was a notorious body weight exercise plan. His complete original workout consisted of three exercises- sit ups, push ups and chin ups. Of course he did other things like sprinting, but he didn’t lift heavy weights. For more info on body weight training check out this article on building muscle without weights.

herschel walker workout routine

Here are some videos on the Herschel Walker workout routine that I found:

PeppNation: Culpepper Shows You How to Do the Herschel Walker Workout

Herschel Walker was one of football’s greatest athletes. It was commonly known that he passed up weightlifting in favor of a daily push up routine. Push ups work out all the muscles in the upper body and build optimal strength in the forearms, wrists, …

Herschel Walker’s Fitness Challenge for Kids Intro


Herschel Walker Open Workout

Hershel Walker trains at AKA for his upcoming MMA debut at Strikeforce: Miami

Herschel Walker on working out

a classic video with Herschel Walker talking about his workout regimen.

And here are some blog posts that I found relating to the Herschel Walker Workout routine:

Herschel Walker Workout

The most amazing thing about Herschel Walker from a fitness standpoint was the way he trained. Going against all conventional wisdom, the Herschel Walker workout is the most intense bodyweight workout I have ever heard of. … challenges I’ d start with a smaller number and try to build my way up towards the figures Herschel achieved. As always making sure you are progressively following the routine for at least 4 weeks so you can measure your results and any changes. …

Publish Date: 09/27/2010 13:21

Herschel Walker Is Fighting Exactly Who He Should Be At

Perhaps that and the notion that his daily workout routine since high school has consisted of doing 3500 sit-ups and 1000 push ups has people confused. You see, despite all of that, he’s still a 48 year old relative newbie to mixed …

Publish Date: 01/26/2011 10:12

Herschel Walker’s Unusual Fitness Training Exercise Program | How

Herschel Walker weight loss secrets. Find out what weight loss program he follows, his fitness and diet tips. Hundreds of Celebrity Body secrets revealed.

Publish Date: 01/02/2011 1:01

The Herschel Walker Diet, Workout, Push-ups Routine. The Guide to

So why would you want to follow the Herschel Walker Diet and Workout Routine? Why would you want to think like him? Because at 48 years old he his in better.

Publish Date: 01/27/2011 23:24

The Herschel Walker workout routine just goes to show you that you can get in tremendous, pro-sport, physical shape just by building muscle without weights.