Gain Muscle, Not Fat

Proven Methods To Get A Body like A Fitness Model

Building Muscle Mass

Heavy Weights for Building Muscle Mass

We all want to build muscle fast, but are you doing the wrong workout weight lifting routine to reach your goals? You will need to increase your lean muscle mass (density) to get the maximum athletic muscle definition.  This is a way to get the look of a fitness model at the fastest rate possible.  You will gain weight, but not fat.  Muscle is heavier than fat so as you grow muscle and burn fat, you will likely gain weight.

Let me give you an example.  Take a look at Bruce Lee.  Not only did he have an extremely low body fat percentage but he was always building muscle mass to a very high density.  And with his training, he achieved incredible strength.

You see Bruce Lee didn’t want a big and bulky bodybuilding muscle mass look.  That would have conflicted with his desire to have incredible speed and power. But he spent hours of his time weight training every day!  In fact he had a very complete muscle building system.  He wanted to gain muscle, not fat and that was why he was so lean and fast.  And boy did he have muscle growth!

Be like the nature of Bruce Lee and build a fit body of lean angular muscle definition.

Build Muscle Mass

This is how you weight train for increasing athletic muscle gain and building lean muscle mass:

  • Have a planned out muscle building system & track your results
  • Always keep your rep range in the 6-10 rep range
  • Make sure you do sets and reps in high volume
  • You must workout to failure on each set
  • Be sure to get enough rest between each set (3 minutes is optimal)

Think about it.  You need to break down the muscle in order for it to regenerate at a thicker density.  The more you exercise & fatigue the muscle, the more likely it is that you will be building muscle mass faster.  Not to mention gaining strength.  So, you need to take time to focus your weight training exercises to achieve the proper muscle growth results.

This also affects muscle tone.  You see, tone comes from muscles being in a constant state of tension (contraction).  This is how to increase muscle mass at micro level conditions.  Meaning the fibers are just slightly contracted ready for action.  By lifting heavy and fatiguing the muscle completely, you will train them to tone up.

By following these rules, you can achieve a lean body mass and increase muscle tone over time.  So start focusing on building muscle mass exercises!