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Most folks who are turning 50 can’t imagine getting abs at that age. Many have let themselves go and working towards general fitness and health is even further from mind.Today I want you to think the opposite. Now imagine yourself healthy and fit being able to play and keep up with the energy levels of your grand children.

It is a rare sight to see a guy of 50 with a solid six pack. In most cases we tend to see 50 year olds who are pot bellied, sagged faced with strips of white hair and with no or little stamina to save their life. Majority are just consumed with work that general fitness and exercise is a no go. I don’t know about you but all work and no exercise tends to dampen our zeal in life.

I have titled this article “get abs for your 50th” because this sets yourself up for what could be the most ultimate physical challenge you will face in a while. The fact that this challenge seems impossible is exactly why you need to do it. 30 years plus of all work and no exercise is not a positive way to greet half a century.

Some people say that mid life crisis looms at that age. Don’t fall victim to such a crisis, and overcome whatever negative emotion you may come to expect as a result of turning 50.

Step 1

Begin with a clear goal in mind. Bear in mind that this goal will be the motivating factor that will thrust you into a better lifestyle. A clear goal will enable you to stay on track!!

Step 2

Your diet needs to be sorted first before you design your workout schedule. Keep in mind that abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym. So think 6 small portion meals a day, lean meat, protein, dairy, lots of water. Generally get a well balanced diet plan that leans more towards fat loss.It is important to sort out your diet before you design your workout schedule. Abs is made in the kitchen and not the gym. Remember to think 6 small portion meals a day, lean meat, protein, dairy, lots of water. Ensure that you get a well balanced diet plan that leans more towards fat loss.

Step 3

Your lifestyle needs to be considered when scheduling an exercise routine. Your goal should give you an idea of the best exercises you will need to undertake. Full body workouts, interval training, circuits training and hill sprints are best if your goal is to lose fat and get abs. The pool hiking and brisk walks are also great.

Step 4

Sign up for an event that you can work towards performing in. A triathlon at the age of 50 is one of the most rewarding challenges to prepare yourself for. To get abs you will first need to get your body fat index down to 12% for men and 16% for women.

Step 5

So Get Started and Stay Consistent. Be realistic with your expectations and be patient because if you are dedicated and consistent changes will show. For me personally I have dropped a little over 5 kgs and now have a four pack going. These were the results I got on my 17th week of training. Overall, I have taken my training in stride (3 times a week, 1 hour each) not putting to much pressure on myself. So far, so good!!

Now that you have started the journey to healthy living you have the rest of your life to move towards bettering yourself. Nobody’s perfect, so if you stumble don’t be too hard on yourself just keep aiming to improve even if it’s just a little. You can take time out too indulge in the unhealthy stuff once in a while. Just make sure to work it off in gym.So make it your goal to get abs before your 50th and reward yourself as well your family.

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