Gain Muscle, Not Fat

Proven Methods To Get A Body like A Fitness Model

Gain Muscle Without Weights

Sometimes you just cant get into the gym and so you need to know how to gain muscle without weights.  Keep in mind that resistance weight training is the best way to gain muscle fast and body weight training is not very efficient at actually building muscle, but it is great for all around visual impact, fitness and maintaining the muscle mass you already have.

gain muscle without weights

Progressively overloading your muscle is the best means of muscle gain. It can be difficult to do this efficiently with body weight exercises.  You have to do far too many reps to reach that point of maximum impact muscle building.  If you are just starting out, yo will probably see a ton of gains, and working out without weights is great to prepare you for heavy lifting.

Body weight exercises provide a certain level of visual impact muscle mass, especially in the upper body.  They can help you to gain muscle, in fact Herschel Walkers workout when he was in the NFL was entirely building muscle without weights.  But they more effectively help you to maintain your muscle mass when you can not get into the gym to do heavy weight training.

There are several ways to modify exercises when you are trying to gain muscle without weights.  But you still are likely to require many repetitions.  This takes time and the less time you spend working out, the more time you have to do other things and celebrate life.

Since it is the main topic of this article, not the “best way to gain muscle” here are some tips on how to gain muscle without weights.

On your first set of reps you really need to just do as many as you possibly can.  After this, you will be all warmed up and will have reached a point of fatigue that will help the muscle building process.

From here on out, do your reps as slow as possible.  This ads isometric stress and with help with strength training.  And don’t cheat!  Make sure you go through the entire movement- stretch even farther if you can.  You can add intensity by doing things one handed or one leg at a time like with push ups or squats respectively.

Some of the most common body weight exercises are pull ups, push ups, and squats.  But burpees, wall squats and planks are also very good exercises to try when you attempt to gain muscle without weights.