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Gain Muscle Diet- Is There Really Such A Thing?

I see a lot of info out there on what to eat when you are on a Gain Muscle Diet. And open any fitness magazine and you will most likely see an article about a bodybuilding diet.  You can often see them in diet magazines too under some article heading like “Gain Muscle Lose Weight Fast“.  So, there are a ton of gain muscle diet examples that we can point to  like the creatine diet or some other get ripped diet, however do they really work?  Is there really such a beast?

Gain Muscle Diet

William Blake's "The Number of the Beast is 666" c. 1805 seems to fit well with the Gain Muscle Diet.

It is true to gain muscle diet nutrients are important.

You need protein in your system, your body needs carbohydrates to help produce insulin and glycogen, and a whole other mess of diet nutrients to build muscle effectively.

Do you need mass quantities of calories in your bodybuilding diet?

I see this process all the time.  Some guy is bulking up to build muscle so they are eating a huge amount of calories thinking it will help to gain muscle.  But calories don’t really affect building muscle other than providing your system enough energy to perform work.  And realistically an average person’s workout should not last more than an hour and if you are just weight lifting during that time then you are not likely burning more than 500 calories.

So by eating a 10 ounce steak will basically give you enough calories to fuel you for your workout.  Where do all the other that your eating calories go?

Well, if your not burning the calories, they get stored as fat.

This is kind of mixing things up a little because calories are a unit of measure and fat is a combination of substances, but I think you get the point. And if not, let me say it this way: To gain muscle diet is not a significant factor.

What about the Gain Muscle Lose Weight Fast phenomenon?

This is actually two different things.  Gaining Muscle and Fat Loss.  Both of these processes work differently.

To gain muscle, you have to put it under enough stress to cause it to adapt and thus grow.  To lose weight (fat) you must have a calorie deficiency.  That is to say you must consume fewer calories than what your body requires to maintain itself.

Doesn’t gaining muscle cause you to burn more calories?

Yes, it does.  But it is so small that it really isn’t as significant as many would have you believe.  For instance, one pound of muscle usually burns about 25-50 calories a day.  So it would take 10 days to burn off that steak I mentioned above.  And since a pound of fat takes about 3500 calories to burn, the 50 cals your pound of muscle is burning is not really as impactive as you might think.

Diet affects your body fat percentage, your lean look, and heavy weight lifting  is the force behind building muscle.  So you see, a gain muscle diet doesn’t really exist in the way many people think.