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Exercise Band Workout

It can really get boring doing the same old routine so sometimes I add in an exercise band workout. I know, that sort of thing doesn’t really sound manly does it? Usually you associate the exercises bands with some sort of cardio routine (not that men shouldn’t do cardio) and a cute girl in a skimpy workout outfit.

exercise band workout

Gratuitous Skimpy Exercise Band Workout Outfit

The thing about using elastic bands to exercise is that they create isometric tension on your muscles. So you can do an upper body exercise while attempting to target the maximum voluntary contraction point of your muscle fibers. Basically this is to activate your muscle at its maximum contraction point and hold it there while it is rock hard.

There are some good exercises to add to your resistance band workout like: Fly, cross overs, band press, military press, lateral raises, bent over fly, and there are many more.

The nice thing about an exercise band workout is that you can take it on the road with you.

Just toss that band in the suitcase and you have a mini gym in your hotel room (or at your in-laws). And if you don’t have space for a home gym, the exercise bands are a good idea so you can keep training even on the days you don’t make it to the gym.

Take a look at this video with a ton of exercise band workout ideas:

If you are always on the go, don’t have a home gym, or just need a good change to your routine, then you should try a tough exercise band workout.