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Build Muscle Fast- The Easy Way Out

Are you looking to build muscle fast?  It seems like everyone today want things instantly at a push of the button.  It is just the nature of our society now.  We have so much information at the tips of our fingers with the internet.  We can watch what ever TV shows and movies we want when we want with things like NetFlix and OnDemand and Web TV.  We can even get food by talking through a speaker and driving up to a window.  It is no wonder we have become such instant gratification mongers.

build muscle fast

Our search for the easy way is a marketer’s dream.  Think about going into your local GNC and look at the shelves.  There are over a dozen different types of  whey protein, scads of muscle building supplements, fitness drinks like Muscle Milk, and of course creatine powder.  All of these are being sold to help you get the biggest bang for (their) buck to assist your bodybuilding efforts.

The thing is,

To build muscle fast you must look at the most limiting factors.

You can throw as much whey protein as you want at a muscle but if it can only absorb so much in a particular time frame, that is the limiting factor.  So if you are consuming 100 grams of protein at each meal, but you can only absorb about 30 grams at a time… is this really productive?

Now, lets look at how muscle actually grows.  The muscle needs to be worked beyond its current capability in order to grow.  What I mean here is that you can do reps with 50 pounds and it can be easy for that muscle… so it doesn’t grow.  But if you keep adding weight to make it more difficult, then the muscle adapts and you achieve muscle growth.

Unfortunately you cant sell this in a bottle or a pill, so we get a market based around muscle building supplements, steroids, and other human growth hormone (HGH) oriented stimulants.  These are things that are ambiguous as to their real effect on your ability to build muscle fast.

But, for natural muscle growth you don’t need excessive amounts of protein or other muscle building supplements.  I will say the creatine can help with glycogen in the muscle and make it appear bigger, and it can assist (by its affects on the muscle) in helping to more around other nutrients.  But it has yet to be seen that it actually promotes more strength.

Take the time to enjoy your weight lifting workout.  Push hard every time for maximum muscle gain.  You need to work for it, so learn to embrace the struggle and put out of your mind that you can build muscle fast or at least faster that its most limiting factor.