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5 Important Tips For Burning Stomach Fat And Getting 6-Pack Abs

Here are 5 simple but important tips to boost fat burning program and get to see that hidden six-pack.

I have detailed some mistakes that are commonly made and new ways to work out that are more effective.

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1. Love Fruits and Vegetable. Apart from containing ingredients that help the body burn belly fat, fruits and vegetables are also packed full of fiber. This has the added advantage of making you feel full for longer while giving you fewer calories than any other king of food. You actually get to eat less. If you include fruits and vegetable in a low fat diet you are sure to start seeing results immediately.

2. Drop the Cardio and Use Interval Training. Australian research has shown than Interval Training is one of the best solutions for losing belly fat. Basically,high intensity intermittent exercise results in greater fat loss in the abdomen. Stop doing the hundreds of crunches to try get rid of belly fat. yes, these will help (to an extent) in building the muscle, but the main reason you are not seeing those 6-pack abs is the fat lying over them. So start working on losing that fat using Interval training.

3. Use this kind of Cardio. This is not a mistake, I know I have just said drop cardio, but there a form of cardio that can actually help you burn belly fat. This is high intensity cardio. High intensity cardio is basically as it sounds, doing cardio at a much higher pace. As a general rule, look at these 2 scenarios. You jog for 20 minutes and burn 400 calories, or you run at 3 quarter pace for 10 minutes and burn 400 calories. Due to the high intensity of the 2nd scenario, the body tends to burn belly fat while you are doing the exercise and continues long after since your muscles were challenged more. So you get to burn more belly fat than in the 1st scenario.

4. Superset Training. Super-set training has been proven to increase your metabolism more than straight set training. And am not talking about only when you are doing the sets, but also after leaving the gym. Since super sets are more intense on your muscles, your muscles need more time to recover. It is during this recovery period that your body burns more calories. So you can look at super sets as your secret friend that keeps your metabolism high to keep burning calories way after you have let the gym.

5. Use the Heaviest Weights possible. To truly work out your muscles and keep them burning calories during the recovery period, use the heaviest weights that you can do 4 sets of 8 reps each. Not only will you burn more calories while doing the exercises this way, you will also burn more as the muscles try to recover. It also strenghtens the muscles meaning you get to lift heavier and heavier weights. Heavy weights in which ever exercise actually work the abdominal muscles more that traditional crunches.

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